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Liebe verlernt man nicht


Eva Simone has found her place in life: In a loving way  she takes care about her grandchilds Lili and Nico, she manges the household of her son Theo and her daughter in law Marlene. That she once was a singer and that she owned a theater is a long time ago. One day a young charismatic photographer Jonathan Wolff moves to the Simones Hof and not only does he change the beloved and familiar rituals. Although Eva states the opinion that the old barn,
which is now Jonathan’s studio now, is only used to celebrate orgies she becomes conscious about this unconventional life of the young neighbour.Surprisingly something happens which no one would have expected, least of all Eva: She falls in love with the young man. Even Jonathan does not want to miss her in his life anymore.Eva becomes young again; hence she begins to enjoy life besides sandwiches and driver services for the grandchilds. Suddenly it is love , deep , crazy, fond – even against resistence: against the age, against her son and last but not least against Paula who is the thirteen year old daughter of Jonathan. If there love shas still got a chance to survive..?

  • Katrin Sass

  • Stephan Luca

  • Julia Richter

  • Marcus Mittermeier

  • Marisa Leonie Bach

  • u.a.


  • Auftraggeber: ARD/Degeto

  • Jahr: 2008

  • Regie: Bettina Woernle

  • Drehbuch: Bettina Woernle

  • Redaktion: Katja Kirchen


Erstausstrahlung am 05.06.2009 um 20:15 (ARD)

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