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Deja vu


Police commissioner Vera is put onto a white slavery ring as an undercover investigator. She manages to gain the trust of the boss’ right-hand man, Artur. Events go out of control when Artur and Vera fall in love. During a shootout, Vera saves Artur’s life, but she is so badly wounded, that she temporarily loses her memory. All that matters to the two is their future together. But the past cannot be shaken off so easily. In order to start a new life, Artur is to commit one last murder. 

  • Sandra Speichert

  • Oliver Korittke

  • Manfred Lehmann

  • Henry Hübchen

  • Michael Brandner

  • u.a.


  • Broadcast: RTL

  • Year: 1998

  • Director: Michael Rowitz

  • Script: Christos Yiannopoulos

  • Editor: Nikolaus Krämer

  • First screening 28.09.1998 20:15 (RTL)

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