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  • Broadcast: hr / KiKa

  • Year: 2011

  • Director: Jürgen Bretzinger

  • Script: Brinx / Kömmerling

  • Editor: Patricia Vasapollo


  • First screening 05.04.2013 at 19:30 (KiKa)

  • Mala Emde

  • Franz Schönberger

  • Sean Bishop

  • Patrick Dewayne

  • Jasmin Schwiers

  • Anke Sevenich

  • Rainer Ewerrien

  • Emrah Erdogru

  • Cansu Yildiz

  • u.a.

Alex has his eye on Melek. And the Turkish girl seem to be interested in him. When the two want to dance at a barbecue together, appears Melek's brother Cem and pulls her off the dance floor. Melek is himself aware of any wrongdoing - especially since she had her mother's permission - and will meet again with Alex. As Cem finds out, he locks his sister. After Melek days unexcused absences in school, Alex and his friends worry and go on a quest.

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