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Lügen, die von Herzen kommen


Journalist HANNA is shocked, when her new editor ADAM,confronts her with a challenging idea for the next coverstory: He wants her to write about the world of "Dating 2.0" and to investigate undercover. As if Hanna's life wasn't chaotic enough: Her brother PHILIPP needs to be pushed through his finals at school and her sister TONI is constantly in need for a babysitter. Her mother KEILASH isn't much help to her either, she's already busy searching for her inner peace. 


  • Anna König

  • Tim Bergmann

  • Katharina Schubert

  • Tom Gronau

  • Katharina Schlothauer

  • Mira Bartuschek

  • Leonie Rainer

  • Janina Fautz

  • u.a.

  • Customer: ZDF

  • Year: 2017

  • Director: Imogen Kimmel

  • Script: Stefan Kuhlmann

  • Editorial staff: Beate Bramstedt

  • On the novel of Kerstin Gier

  • Erstausstrahlung am 25.02.2018 um 20:15 (ZDF)


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