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DR. Lilliput

an expedition through the human body
supported by: Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg

participated persons
Idea & Script: Sebastian Büttner & Christos Yiannopoulos
Creative Producer: Kaya Tina Büttner
Illustration: Lorcan Mulligan
Animation: House Of Creatures
Sounddesign & Score: Oliver Salkic
IT-Development: Honig Studios

Producer: Sebastian Büttner

These visionary picture book stories take kids on an exciting, interactive journey through the human body – with the little doctor Lilliput! A unique learn- and play-experiance to join-in, to wonder and to discover. Particularly suitable for children ages 3 to 6.


Dr. Lilliput is only as big as a finger nail. He helps sick kids to get better by travelling through their bodies, finding the cause of the illness and fighting it. Always at hand are the flying ambulance Paula and the doctors talking case Luis. The young users can help as well: Every episode contains interactive gaming elements, teaching the young users more about the causes of children's illnesses like cold, cough and tummy-ache.

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