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DR. Lilliput

an expection through the human body
Supported by: Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg

participated persons:
Idea: Sebastian Büttner
Concept & game design: Sebastian Büttner & Oliver Salkic

Text & dialog: Christos Yiannopolous

Editor: Kaya Tina Büttner

Illustration & animation: Viktor Schenk & Jörgen Engdahl

IT-development: Martin Adam

Sounddesign & score: Oliver Salkic

Producer: Sebastian Büttner

With „expedition doctor's office“ Dr. Lilliput takes children age 6 to 9 on a fanciful journey through different kinds of doctor's offices – from a pediatrician to a otorhinolaryngologist. The kids will learn for example how x-rays work but Dr. Lilliput will help in a playful way to overcome fear of a consultation – or to prevent said fear in the first place.

„Expedition doctor's office“ will be available december 2015 as an iOS and Android app as well as a browser-game. This product is supported by the initative „Ein Netz für Kinder“.

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