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Die MütterMafia


Conny is 37 years old and up to this point her life was always shaped by others: by her parents and mainly by her husband Lorenz. Lorenz took the wallflower, turned her into a trophy wife and gave her a comfortable life. Conny is shocked when her husband casualy mentions over dinner that he wants a divorce. As always Conny goes along with Lorenz' plan – he knows what's best. But when Lorenz goes through with this - changing the locks to „his“ apartment and relocating her and the kids into his dead mothers house – Conny realizes that everything is about to change.

  • Annette Frier

  • Roeland Wiesnekker

  • Tim Bergmann

  • Eva Löbau

  • Dominique Siassia

  • Charlotte Uedingslohmann

  • Chiara Schoras

  • u.a.


  • Broadcast: ZDF

  • Year: 2013

  • Director: Tomy Wigand

  • Script: Johannes Wünsche + Tomy Wigand

  • Broadcast-Editor: Beate Bramstedt

  • based on the book of Kerstin Gier


  • First Screening: 06.04.2014 at 20:15 (ZDF)

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