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Ambassador 2 - in pursuit of white gold


Sebastian Gerber has been added as German Ambassador to Zambia in Africa. He is the exploitation of a Zambian copper mine mediate diplomatically in the competition of German, French and Asian companies. He falls into the clutches of the very pretty, but very intriguing Ashanti. Sebastian's friend Karen is blind to his contract, Ashanti sees only the beautiful rival and reacts with wild jealousy. Meanwhile, daughter Lilly is already bushed from her medical studies and goes together with environmentalists on the hunt for poachers who the "white gold" of Africa - ruthlessly exploit and export to Asia - the ivory. Narrowly succeeds Sebastian, freeing Lilly from a life-threatening situation. He is fighting on all fronts simultaneously and makes all the glory of his reign. And Karen is delighted when he makes her a marriage proposal.

  • Walter Sittler

  • Katharina Abt

  • Susanne Bormann

  • Gontse Ntshegang

  • Siv Ngesi

  • Langley Kirkwood

  • Ulrike Krumbiegel

  • u.a.


  • Broadcast: ZDF

  • Year: 2011

  • Director: Sigi Rothemund

  • Writer: Daniel Maximilian/Thomas Pauli

  • Editor: Gabriele Heuser


  • First screening 04.06.2015 (ZDF)

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