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Alles Verbrecher -
Eiskalte Liebe



  • Broadcast:  hr / Degeto

  • Jahr: 2013

  • Director: Jürgen Bretzinger

  • Script: Dorothee Schön & Susanne Schneider

  • Editor: Liane Jessen / Katja Kirchen


  • First screening 14.04.2014 at 20:15 (ARD)

  • Ulrike Krumbiegel

  • Daniel Rodic

  • Rene Hofschneider

  • Petra Kleinert

  • Ernst Stötzner

  • Claudia Fritzsche

  • Anke Sevenich

  • Sybille J. Schedwill

  • u.a.

The Main-Metropolis and a duo of investigators like cats and dogs: Herta Frohwitter, quirky and eccentric, and her young assistant Marco Petrassi, a sporty beau who wants to be an „action hero“. An experienced detective with a passion for traditional investigation and a techie with italian roots and a soft spot for everything modern collide. Together they are on the hunt for a marriage swindler.

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