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Achtung Polizei



  • Broadcast: Sat.1

  • Year: 2012

  • Director: Rolf Silber

  • Script: Rolf Silber

  • Editor: Patrick Noel Simon


  • First screening 30.01.2013 at 20:15 (Sat.1)

  • Lisa Maria Pottoff

  • Christoph Maria Herbst

  • Sebastian Ströbel

  • Pinar Erincin

  • Uwe Rohde

  • Michael Kranz

  • u.a.

 Audit in a small police station on the Rose-Monday-it can only be a conspiracy against district leader Carla Paul. She really has enough to do with the revelers, a tank buster group, and her colleague Rick, he’s in love with her. And then, the auditor calculated Joachim Kersten, her Ex is as attractive as the picky guy is actually looking only reasons to close the station. But Carla does not play with open cards: she candidates behind the back of her colleagues in the criminal investigation.

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